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NIPPONIA, where history comes alive.

NIPPONIA is a luxury hotel brand of renovated old and precious Japanese architectures remaining throughout various areas in Japan. Respecting its historical significance, each architecture is revitalized as a facility where you can feel the lifestyle, culture and history of the land. Specifically, Auberge Toyooka 1925 is a historical western architectural building that has been registered as a Tangible Cultural Property by Japan. Along with the retro and classic atmosphere you can enjoy a meal featuring the highest quality ingredients produced locally in the Tajima region.

The gourmet food served at Auberge that will make your trip even richer

Auberge Toyooka is located in the northern part of Japan’s Kansai region which is rich in nature and famous for their luxury ingredients. This part of Japan is also famous for the beautiful townscape and attractive tourist destinations such as Kinosaki Onsen (hot springs) and the castle town of Izushi. Auberge Toyooka is a retro hotel located at the center of the town of Toyooka and resides in a refurbished historical western style building and features 5 guestrooms. Along with the historical building the amazing food served at the hotel restaurant is made from the best local ingredients and is guaranteed to make your trip even richer. This hotel will provide the perfect break for travelers who want to reflect on their journey so far and energize for the next leg of their trip.

Making a hotel out of the former bank that stood as a symbol of recovery after the 1925 Kita-Tajima earthquake

Auberge Toyooka 1925 stands on the main street in the city of Toyooka. The building was originally built as a bank in 1934 as a symbol of the city’s recovery from the 1925 Kita-Tajima earthquake. Registered as a Tangible Cultural Property by Japan, guests can enjoy the ambience of the former bank’s western style architecture resembled by its thick walls and renaissance style structure that were meant to signify regrowth. The calm atmosphere backed by its rich history, this hotel will no doubt provide a comforting space for guests after their long journey.

Experiencing the modern “beauty of ordinary crafts” in Toyooka

Represented by its handmade bags, Toyooka is a town known for its various handicrafts. At Auberge Toyooka 1925, we use original furniture and hangers made by local craftsmen and keychains made by Masumi Hounou, a local bag company. In Toyooka you can experience firsthand, the commitment and passion that craftsmen have even when making the simple things used in daily life.

An elegant club lounge for accustomed adult travelers

There is a club lounge located on the second floor that overlooks the dining area. During your stay, you can enjoy over 20 types of drinks from alcoholic drinks such as beer, whiskey, and cocktails to coffee at this lounge. Whether you are sipping on coffee after you check-in or enjoying a drink after your meal, this lounge is ideal for those who want a luxurious space to relax.


A calming space with a fusion of old fashioned and modern

By the hands of a famous designer, the rooms have been transformed to retain the renaissance style interior, which is often referred to as the distinguished architectural style of the Showa period, while also having a modern and comforting touch.


- Semi-double Room (Non-smoking)

A simple room for guests who want to relax and enjoy their precious quiet time away from the noisy bustling cities. Guests are free to go explore the town, stay in and reward themselves with some quality alone time, meet new people and try new things, or enjoy any other leisure that they prefer.

Western style room with shower, toilet, and standalone washbasin.


- Twin Room (Non-smoking)

With some rooms that still have traditional Japanese marquetry (Yosegi-zaiku) flooring and others that have ceiling high woodenwindow blinds, each room provides a relaxing space with a fusion of historical charm and modern design. To make sure guests have the most comfortable experience each room is equipped with semi-double beds. Here, you can truly enjoy a relaxing and enriching time.

Western style room with shower, toilet, and standalone washbasin.




The concept of the restaurant is to serve fine and unique "Toyooka cuisine" which you can only taste here. Using fresh local ingredients and respecting local cuisine, our chef transforms the ingredients into a delicious piece of art with a fusion of techniques used in Japanese and French cuisine.

Please enjoy the rich taste that the nature of Tajima has created.

Local Ingredients

The Tajima Area in nothern Hyogo, where Toyooka is situated, is surrounded by a beautiful and nostalgic natural landscape.

Grown in clean air, water, rich soil and mountains, the area is renowned for its indigenous agricultural products such as "Tamba black soybeans", "Tamba chestnuts", "Matsutake", and "Tajima Beef”.
Tajima beef, is one of the best quality beef in Japan and is widely known in the world alongside other premium Wagyu brands such as "Kobe Beef", "Matsuzaka Beef" and "Omi Beef".

At Auberge Toyooka, you can enjoy dishes made from fresh and unique ingredients of the area.


After establishing a successful career at a Grand Maison in Switzerland, Mr. Ishii returned to Japan and opened "La Pierre Zipangu" in Kobe. The restaurant was ranked first for four consecutive years in the Zagat Survey, the major restaurant guide on par with Michelin. He is now putting his efforts in order to take an active role as Grand Chef of the Value Management Group. While doing so, he is also fostering the next-generation of French cuisine chefs in Japan.

Local Attractions

Kinosaki-Onsen, a town where you can enjoy the traditional Japanese townscape

In the Kinosaki-Onsen area the streets are the hallways, hot springs your bath, and inns your rooms as the entire town feels like one large ryokan that is there to entertain visitors. Kinosaki-Onsen, one of Japan’s most well-known hot spring towns is accessible from Auberge Toyooka via train or bus (both approximately 20 minutes). Free pickup and drop-off is available for those that make advanced reservations.

A friendly concierge exclusive to this hotel

If you give us a call beforehand, a concierge can suggest a plan for any free time you might have during your stay at the hotel. Additionally, after your arrival our local staff will welcome you warmly and give you tips on how to enjoy the area or point you towards lesser-known local attractions. From wedding anniversaries and birthday celebrations to other surprises or small acts of kindness that you want to plan, feel free to consult any of our experienced staff.


Auberge Toyooka 1925

ADRESS 668-0033
11-22 tyuoumachi toyooka ,Hyogo,JAPAN 
Google maps
Email toyooka@1925.JP
TEL +81-6-4256-6887 (English available) (11:00~20:00)

From Osaka International (Itami) Airport (approximately 55minutes)

From Osaka station (2h30minutes)

From Toyooka station



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